Form Changing Structures is a UK-based company whose mission is to develop designs for structures that change their form, either of their own volition, or due to direct or indirect manipulation by a user.

This page gives a brief overview of what we do.



Please visit our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/FormChangingStruct to see examples of possible applications of the technology we are developing.

What do we do? 

We have embraced the idea that our lives would be enriched by objects that change their form. Our goal is to develop designs for form changing structures that will be used in a series of commercial products.

The primary focus of our work is the development of form changing space frames. These are comprised of telescoping rods, with powered extension/retraction. The rods are joined together in various geometric arrangements by free-rotation multi-connection joints.

At present, we are in the early development phase.

It is our intention that the designs we develop would be licensed to product manufacturers, who would, in turn, market and sell their own products.

We are in the process of obtaining patent protection for certain aspects of the designs. These features were developed whilst designing and manufacturing a series of working prototypes.

In addition to possessing the basic but strong appeal of simply changing form, the technology has many potential practical uses. We have shown some examples on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/FormChangingStruct

We continue to seek further novel purposes to which the technology can be applied. These include uses of certain detailed aspects or features of the designs, such as the free-rotation joints.

Along with other like-minded designers, we believe we are at the start of this process of developing new, adaptable materials, products and objects. The future embodiment of form changing materials may be different in some aspects from our current proposals - but you have to start somewhere.

To contact us, email info@formchangingstructures.com

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